The Breaking Draft

Event Overview

Presented by You Be ILL and Switch B

supported by Breaking Canada and Ontario Arts Council

8 Crews
8 General Managers
32 Competitors
35,960 Permutations
1 Winner

Saturday, October 30, 2021
Sheraton Centre Hotel
123 Queen St West, Toronto

Draftee: $25
Spectators: $25 (per day)
Vendors: (included in CDS vendor fee)

This event is free for all CDS day 1 competitors. All CDS Day 1 competitors must show proof of Day 1 ticket purchase.

DJ: B.Lava / M4RS
Judges: tbd

1v1 Preselection to form a 4v4 Crew Tournament

Over $2000 in cash
G-Shock Prizes

Competitors participate in a solo preliminary round where the Top 32 will be selected. The top 8 competitors will become General Managers of their own 4 person team. They will then select one by one from the rest of the remaining 24 draftees to complete their crew for the rest of the competition.

All competitors that have purchased a CDS National Qualifier ticket will be provided free access to The Breaking Draft. If you have not purchased a competitor ticket for CDS National Qualifier you must purchase a stand alone ticket at $25 to enlist into the Draft.

There are no age, citizenship, or membership restrictions in this battle. This is an open breaking competition.

2:00 pm
Toronto, Ontario
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