Rock Harder Festival: Unleash Your Inner Artist with Workshops Featuring Bgirl Roxy, Bboy Profo, and DJ Fleg

Rock Harder Festival: Unleash Your Inner Artist with Workshops Featuring Bgirl Roxy, Bboy Profo, and DJ Fleg

Toronto, get ready to witness the electrifying energy of international breaking stars gearing up for the Paris 2024 Olympics at Rock Harder: Inner Voice, Out Loud. But the excitement doesn't stop there – mark your calendars for February 4th when the Lakeside Terrace at Harbourfront Centre will host exclusive drop in workshops featuring renowned breaking facilitators Bgirl Roxy (UK), Bboy Profo (USA), and DJ Fleg (USA). Don't miss this golden opportunity to learn from some of the world's most influential artists in Breaking, DJing, and music production.

Meet the Workshop Facilitators

DJ Fleg: Beyond Beats and Breaks

Living in the vibrant city of New York, DJ Fleg is not just known for his baking abilities and hand turkey making skills but also for his prowess in music. A DJ, Producer, and Musician, DJ Fleg is ready to share his knowledge and skills in a dynamic DJ workshop at 2:30pm. This is a rare opportunity to dive into the world of beats and breaks with one of the most respected names in the industry.

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Bgirl Roxy: A Dance Legend

Bgirl Roxy, a former World Trampolining Champion, has been a dominant force in the international breaking circuit for over a decade. Renowned for her remarkable freezes, flexibility, and captivating stage presence, Roxy has been a profound inspiration to breakers worldwide. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from her in the workshop at 12:30 pm. Roxy's journey includes representing the UK in prestigious competitions such as the UK B-Boy Championships World Finals, Battle of the Year World Finals, and The Notorious IBE.

Beyond breaking, Roxy is an accomplished professional dancer with an impressive résumé that includes appearances on both stage and screen. Her credits extend to the Royal Variety Show and the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Holding two Guinness World records for headspins, Roxy is not just a dancer; she is a living legend within the breaking community.

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Bboy Profo: 32 Years Strong in Breakin'

Profo Won, a stalwart in the BAY AREA HIP HOP dance scene for 32 years, brings a wealth of experience to the Rock Harder workshop. A dedicated member of FloorGangz Worldwide and Knuckle Neck Tribe, Profo has spent nearly three decades devoted to the art of breaking. His passion and expertise will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on those eager to learn the foundations and intricacies of breakin'. Don't miss the chance to be part of his workshop at 5:30 pm.

Follow Bboy Profo on Instagram: @profo_flgz

Don't Miss Your Chance to Learn and Be Inspired!

The Rock Harder workshops promise a day of creativity, inspiration, and skill-building. Whether you're an aspiring dancer, a budding DJ, or interested in music production, these workshops cater to all levels of expertise.